Empowering Tourism Sector

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Tourism plays an important role in Indonesia not only particularly in term of the economic growth but also in promoting the culture worldwide. In ten last decades, the number of tourists who went to Indonesia was still less compared to other countries in Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. This essay will offer the two appropriate ways to enrich tourism in Indonesia.

One way how to tackle is by promoting tourism with various huge numbers media such as in the international newspaper, television, and the internet. It is the fact that many people in other countries still do not understand about Indonesia and this is because of the limitation information that spread out. Therefore, both government and society need collectively to promote the variety amazing places in Indonesia which can be as best destination for tourists for instance breathtaking beach, a fabulous panorama of mountains, and the astounding culture.

The next way that can help the tourism in Indonesia being more famous is by developing the economic sector. Once the product from Indonesia is sold abroad, this affects people there to know more about Indonesia. For example, when the production of batik as one of the Indonesia clothing style has been being well-known in multinational level, this attracts people to travel to Indonesia and to explore more. In other words, the more products from Indonesia that can be sold abroad, the more people will come to Indonesia as well as append tourism field.

In conclusion expanding the promotion of tourism and economic area are the pivotal units which can be chosen by citizens and authorities to develop tourism. (269 words)   


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