Predicting and Preparing for the Future

Pelepasan dan Pembekalan Wisudawan Wisudawati PGMI
Sigit Prasetyo-the Chairman of the PGMI (Islamic Primary School) Department, members of the faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, and, above all, graduates.

First of all, I would like to thank you for this timely honor. It is not because I am invited here now as the speaker, but because I had ever learned for more than three years in this prestigious university. More than that, I am over the moon because I can meet with all of you as the great graduates from my beloved faculty. I am proud of you because you are success people. You are amazing. You are already awesome. Congratulation! This great country needs your real contribution, even the wonderful world expects you to do an astonishing thing to make earth peace. Don’t ask what you will get, but ask what you will do.

In this time, I applaud the graduates today for finishing your study in this university, but I will say that it is the beginning of next route in your life. Therefore, I would like to give five tips for all of you in order to help you in predicting and preparing for your future. Inspired by Josh Kaufman’s speech, I make the tips more complete and applicable. Hopefully, this will guide you in fixing your milestone plan coming. Keep in mind that your future is in your hand. What you make is what you will get.

What I am firstly going to share with you is that you need to set your aspiration, the goal which you have to be produced. You just need two hours to think what you want to be and what will you achieve in life. Take an example, with whom you will marry and maybe you can choose one of the alumni in this room or what valuable activities you will make for this country, Indonesia. I think that all of you has already known the way you can achieve your goal because University lecturers taught you how to think, not what to think. In other words, they gave you not only knowledge but also skills. When enrolling the university, you knew about the vision and mission of the university. It is also same with your life that you have to have a plan, what you have to do next. Find by yourself.  What your purpose. Success is not an accident, you have to have a purpose. Who can control you is yourself. Above all, because life is not all about you, but also about others, so make it so precious for the human being. Patrick Address said, “You, the graduates came to the University with big ideas and you leave with big capacities”. Therefore, use your capacities to build your goal. 

Once making the goal, you need to establish smaller even the smallest step to reach your goal. In this journey, I will call it the construction which you have to arrange specifically and to break down your big goals into detail stages. This step will help you in guiding you to step closer to your goal. Because it is really important to focus on one thing, small but powerful rather than large but un-manage, here you need to keep the best choice. By arranging the limited time, specific goal, measurable outcome, and knowing the tools, this will make you are ready to execute one by one which shows the marvelous improvement. 

The third step is all about exploration. Because there are already many success people in this world, you can learn from them so what you have to do in this step is researching how to be like them. You can do it by skimming some books, listening what they said, and watching the way they achieve or even investigating. You can learn from everyone, book, journal, website, and other media. The other pivotal thing from this step is that you can do self-correction or even reflection by asking yourself-self exploration, who you are, what you do, who you do it for, what you need, how you can change to get the result, what your life purpose is, and who do you like to be. Getting out from your comfort zone is also essential. 

In this action planned what you have to do is make it unsophistication. In other words, make it easy as comfortable as you can while doing your activities as well as you have to avoid the destruction. You can remove the destruction such us television, mobile phone, and games. Reggie Rivers suggest, “If you want to achieve your goal, don’t focus on them. Focus on your behavior, because the goal is outside of your control”. What you need is to work hard, responsible, and hang out with right personal.  Make sure what your task today, tomorrow and next week. To make you enjoyable in doing something is necessary, more than that you have to love what you do.

The last tip is all about dedication. Your commitment is everything. It is a good way for you to commit 20 hours to do one task to make you good in one skill. For instance, if you want to be good in public speaking, you just practice 20 hours seriously. This will work well. Keep this for every single skill which you will reach. Hard work, discipline, courage, loyalty, love, and a generosity of spirit are really needed. In this final step, what you have to keep in your mind is never stop thinking and working. Share your success stories and failure to others. Push yourself. Learn from your mistake. 

Perhaps more importantly, fake it until you become it. Force yourself. Judson Brewer said, “Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. The last, you have to keep being humble like Steve Job said, “Keep hungry. Keep foolish”.

That is all. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and to the graduates of PGMI Department 2016, God bless you.

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