Environmental Damage

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Two enormous growth problems of the environmental damage are pollution and overpopulation. Even though serious problems happened in the world have arisen as a result of this, there are solutions which can be taken.

In term of the decreasing a number of pollution, this is because the rising number of people using vehicles not only in the developed country but also in developing country. This is the fact that people now have a tendency to use transportation such us a bus, train, and motorcycle instead walking and bicycling although they just want to travel for no long distance. In one side government adds the number of the air, land, water transportation but in other sides almost every family tends to have more than one car and motorcycle in their houses. In addition, overpopulation is also one of the dangerous environmental crisis that brings the lack of water, food, and fuel. The more population who live in this earth utilize the environment, the more hazard ecology system will be. For example, once the population in one country increase significantly, the number of environmental damage also grows because they will need more houses which need to cut down the trees and will use more transportation.

It is pivotal that action is taken to deal with these matters. The first solution is that government should ensure in controlling and producing the needed regulation. The government should increase the tax in order to force in using public transportation instead of operating a private vehicle as well as they have to control the baby boom by family planning; therefore, the increasing number of population will be minimized. Another solution is that an action from individual awareness is needed. Individuals have to contribute saving the world and obey to regulation. For example, individuals endeavor walking or cycling to go to near destination and the second step is that one family has to have no more that one or two children.

In conclusion, the environmental crisis of pollution and overpopulation always will threaten human life but by making the great efforts people can reduce the problem particularly by producing adequate legislation and focusing on self-awareness. (358 words)


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