The Influences of Mass Media

It has been a long time that people in this world utilize mass media to inform various information by using many kinds of tools and this almost cannot be separated in their daily activities. In my opinion, its inclination could have advantageous and negative consequences in equal measure.

In one side social media tells not only the valuable information for society about the current situation or new invention but also the way for the government to explain all about policies in each country. In term of information, people feel easy to know trend news both in domestic and international level such as education, economics, politic, environment and others. By this information either students or teachers can also get the beneficial thing from that. Furthermore, citizens also have opportunities to access all about the government policies released in newspaper, television, and the website like policies that have already implemented and also will be enforced.

However, in the other angle, social media brings the bad roles for people because media and entertainment industry can blow up the bastard facts and similarly government can use it for deceiving nationals in the regime legitimacy. Take an example, one of the newsmakers in Indonesia lately tells about the Merapi eruption in Magelang. While the eruption did not already  explode, the newsmaker releases information on the contrary that influenced people who live near the Merapi mountain to move the other places and it is disappointing. In addition, the government likewise can manipulate people by utilizing the social media such us propagating the manipulated data in the national policy.

To sum up, the role of social media will give both profitable and detrimental effects on a society life made by not only the newsmaker but also the government. (288 words)


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