Teacher vs Computer

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The development of advanced computer in this new era brings the revolution in the educational system especially in replacing the role of the teacher in teaching students. This essay explains the advantages of a computer compared to teacher position in the process of learning in the education system.

The invention of the computer brings the changes of human lifestyle and it also remodels the changing the way students learn. The computer gives not only an easy way in learning for students but also in teaching for the teachers. The computer makes easy to access information from all around the world and because of it students can connect and share their idea and innovation with other students through other countries which have a different culture. By utilizing the computer as media for learning, in fact, this can enrich the beneficial things which give an opportunity for everyone to learn with long distance methods, such us teleconference, so it helps the pupils to study while it is so hard before the revolution of a computer technology. More than that, the learning process can be easier and more fun by exploring the wide range information by the computer which is connected to the internet.

Although the computer has many advantageous roles, the existence of teacher in some sides cannot be replaced by the computer such us in an elementary school where students really need a role model in life. Here are only teachers who may appropriately deliver knowledge, value and how to have a good attitude.  Not only can teachers take care their students, but also they will help student the way respect others which are really pivotal to build next great young generation. In addition, to form the good character in student’s personality is also essential which is only handled by tutors. Therefore, the role of teachers here would be not definitely separated from a learning process.

In conclusion, both the computer and teacher have the valuable sides each other in supporting an educational system which they similarly bring a beneficial role, and of course, this will be so useful if they are related to being a mutual support. (357 words)


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The teachers can give barokah, but computers can't.

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