How To Construct Nationalism

The more people travel to other countries and live for a long time, the less nationalism feeling will be in their personalities. It can be seen that society who keen on going abroad tends to love more about other cultures rather than their country’s cultures. This essay focuses on how to build the nationalism not only for old people but also young generation.

For the first way how to keep loyalist love their culture for a community is by appreciating their own culture where there are two methods for this. Firstly, people have to know deeply their culture such us national or territory culture. Take an example, Indonesian has to understand how to communicate in Bahasa and the various tribes or religions which still exist. Secondly, nationality cultures have to be learned by students in the educational institution from elementary schools to tertiary education. Once society recognizes their own tradition, they will be more patriotism.

Another strategy in executing the nationality sense is by making achievement in term of either sport or education. Lately, two game players in badminton, Tantowi Ahmad, and Liliyana Natsir, from Indonesia won in international olympiads in Brazil. Because of those acquirements, the country of Indonesia is being more famous around the world and luckily, they won on 17 August which is an Independent Day for Indonesia. It was so amazing. In other sides, there are many Indonesian students in one decade took first prize in international science competitions that also made Indonesia well-known.

Overall, those two courses of action that can be implemented for the society to save up the nationalism in their character.  (269 words)


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